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An advanced website visit logger, tracking the activities of visitors.

N.B. Now functional but still a beta test!
More Plugin statistics modules are under creation!

Distinguish between Human and Robot visits, with high accuracy!

A Tool for both the Business, the Maintenance and the Development of a website!

PhpTrackIT focus on visualising trends of numerous visits rather than the individual visit!
PhpTrackIT gives facts and figures of your visitors logged tracks on your website!
PhpTrackIT shows statistics details of the hardware used at the client sida.
PhpTrackIT respects privacy by not tracking visits across different websites.
PhpTrackIT avoids techniques used to build profiles of users´ browsing activity.

PhpTrackIT is an efficient tool for evaluating the website and what content attracts people.
PhpTrackIT uses a three stage buffered log architecture for high efficiency and low server load.
PhpTrackIT visualizes the indexing of the website by search engine robots.

PhpTrackIT introduces the new inovative and intuitive ClickTrackIT data filter method, which makes it easy to explore almost infinite aspects of your visitors tracks on the website, only limited by the amount of logged data!

For more info, see the About plugin page.
For what new, see the VersionHistory plugin page.

Get statistics from the tracked data, via the Log Data Analysis Menu buttoms at the left!

N.B. This is an ongoing development project, improving its functionality over time!
My plans for the future (just now), is to release PhpTrackIT for free when good enough :-)

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Visa BesöksStatistik:

Loggat av: PhpTrackIT
(max 1 besök loggas per 0.5 hr per unik besökare¹ och webbsida)

Hela webbplatsen:
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 30 dygnen: 85 av personer² & 1006 av robotar²
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 24hr: 3 av personer² & 27 av robotar²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 24hr: 2 personer², 20 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 24hr: 1.5/person², 1.4/robot²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 30 dygnen: 51 personer², 332 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 30 dygnen: 1.7/person², 3.0/robot²

- Snitt senaste 30 dygnen (webbsidor/24hr): 3 av personer² & 34 av robotar²
- Snitt senaste 30 dygnen (unika besökare/24hr): 1.7 personer² & 11.1 robotar²
- Robotar utgör 92.2% av besöken senaste 30 dygnen

- Max webbsidor/24hr: 62 av personer, 2022-01-22
- Max unika besökare/24hr: 35 personer, 2022-01-22
- Max webbsidor/30dygn: 244 av personer, 2022-02-18
- Max unika besökare/30dygn: 144 personer, 2022-02-18
  Max statistik loggad sedan: 2021-08-13

- Server time uses for PhpTrackIT logging:
- Primary log: 1.3 ms (log time part affecting webpage load time)
- Secondary log: XXX ms (asynchronous log time not affecting webpage load time)
- Ping time (Server-Browser-Server Internet round-trip time, via Php/Ajax): XXX ms
- ServertimeThis: 0.2 (ms), inclusive Includetime: 0.1 (ms)

¹ Enligt en anonym unik virtuell besökare algoritm (UVV, Unique Virtual Visitor).
² Enligt en robot-igenkännande algorithm som effektivt skiljer på robot- och person-besök.


Contact about the viewed logged statistic tracks, see at site:

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